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”Thanks Sales by Crowd! You helped us take a big step forward.” // Magnus Winterman, CEO Mobilearn.

”You nailed it! I got the first customer through your channel in a just a couple of weeks.” // Sven Jernberg, CEO Jerntryck

”It really works. Imagine the magnitude of this when every company can get to their dream business meetings in just days.” // Fredrik Olofsson, CEO Sensavis

”I love by Crowd's business model! To activate many peoples networks and pay for the service, if (and only if) you get your business agreement is the future.” // Elise Revell, Founder of Kelicomp & Kelisec

”We feel very good about the quality of leads coming in and signed an agreement in just 3 weeks!” // Staffan Hedlund, CEO & Founder of Wizzcom 3D Production

”Everyone wins on smart networking, and I aim to earn good money activating my network moving on." // Kjell Arnebrant

"I have helped several companies get to the negotiation table already, and a few of them have gotten their contracts. It´s fun and for a very good cause!" // Peter Jones

”After my first success acting a findr I´m following everything coming up on the site. My network is big, and I love social networking.” // Niklas Dahl